PTA President-what a ride!

i hope you all had a great summer.  hopefully you had a chance to visit an amusement park or two.   i LOVE thrill rides.  the taller, the faster, the better!

i know being pta president is going to be a cool ride but, boy! i feel anxious.     i feel like i’ve been standing in a really long line watching other people ahead of me enjoying every minute of the ride and now it’s my turn.  their ride was fast, fun and seemed to run completely smooth.  so smoothly, i’m pretty sure i saw several presidents before me raise their arms in the air and yell, “weeeeeeee!”

now that i’m officially ON the ride, i’m feeling every little bump and rattle.  i can hear the click, click, click of the track as we head up the first steep hill and i’m holding tightly to the lap bar completely unsure if i will ever let go.   🙂

when i was picking my theme for this year, i kept coming back to the feeling i get when i spend time at the school.  it’s truly one of the HAPPIEST PLACES ON EARTH for me, so we’re going Disney!


we’ll CELEBRATE THE MAGIC OF MANILA through pta sponsored events:   the first big event will be our FAMILY FESTIVAL.   Sep. 14th 5pm-8pm we invite you and your family to participate in the ‘Spirit of OHANA’.  watch for our family festival  ‘park passes’ to be on sale  soon!


i want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to join in the fun, so here are a few things we will be celebrating this year:

PTA BLOG: an easy and fun way to stay up-to-date while we celebrate!  with just your email address, you can stay in touch with ‘all things manila’ and our family fun activities.    each week the blog will have new updates.  watch for:

*main dish mondays-every monday i’ll add a new easy recipe your family will love for dinner!  think of how many yummy recipes you’ll have at the end of the year!

*read ’em and weep wednesdays-book recommendations and reviews for kids of all ages.  i love to read and hope i can share some of my favorite books with you!

*funny business friday-information regarding family or school activities will be posted on fridays for the upcoming week.

*voluntEAR shout outs-“CALLING ALL MOUSEKETEERS” we need some volunt’EARS’:  we know a lot of you want to help, but we also understand life gets busy.  we will send “shout outs” asking for voluntEARS for each pta event.  if you can help, that’s great!  if you need to pass on this one, we’ll catch ya next time.   we want everyone to know you are welcome to help anytime, anywhere  for anything. “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!”


pta has some fun things planned this year and we love to see new faces.  i hope you will all have a chance to JOIN IN THE CELEBRATION at one time or another.  we hold monthly pta meetings in the trailer on the south west side of the school at 9:30am. (the dates will be posted on the blog and the marquee ahead of time)

EVERYONE IS WELCOME to attend the meetings!  each month we will be sharing ideas that you as parents can use in the classroom.  (games, crafts, treats, teacher appreciation, etc) it’s a perfect time to get to know other parents at the school too!

mary poppins sings, “in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.   you find the fun and ‘SNAP’, the job’s a game!”   we’ve got a lot of ‘jobs’ ahead of us, but i can already see the ‘fun’ standing out!

i  still hear the click, click, click of the tracks, but if any of you see me running down the halls of manila with my arms in the air and screaming, you’ll know i’m completely ENJOYING THE RIDE!

M-I-C-see ya real soon.  K-E-Y-why? because we like you.  M-O-U-S-E!