Playing Catch Up!

whew! i hope everyone survived the holidays!  i’m still playing catch up.  over the holidays i made wonderful treats,  had fun activities and photographed it all to share on the blog for your family to join in the fun!  then…………..long story short:  my camera battery died and i can’t find the charger.  so i have all these fun photos i can’t get off my camera!  happy new year! 😉

my HATS OFF TO:   radio disney for our december MOOOOve It assembly!   it was so much fun!  they had the entire school off their seat, moving to the beat and stompin their feet!   boy was it neat!    ok, i’ll stop,   but my hats off to the disney team for starting off our holiday season with such a ‘rockin’ assembly!    boy our teachers can moooove!!!!!!

UPCOMING EVENTS:   this wed.   jan. 13th 9:30am  pta party (mtg) in the south trailer.   hey room moms…….we’ll share valentines party ideas you’ll FALL IN LOVE with and we’re looking for voluntEARS for a magic morning breakfast for the teachers and helpers with  teacher appreciation week.   hope to see you there!

we are in the middle of our cookie/pizza dough pta “fun”draiser!  this is the only pta fundraiser of the year, so “dough”n’t ya want to support us? 🙂     this money will help pay for bare books, family fun events and teacher appreciation!

last but not least, seeing as the blog has been on hiatus over the holidays (due to the death of my camera, sniff, sniff.)  i figured i better start the year off with a bang!

whenever i want to make a treat that will DAZZLE the guests i pull out the SPARKLY FRUIT!  it looks like a fancy martha stewart recipe but it’s marsha brady easy.  (not sure what that really means but the brady’s didn’t seem like fancy cooks so that’s the name that came to me, alright?!!)

Caramelized Brie and Wintered Pears (see?  doesn’t the name just sound fancy?)


– wheel o’brie(buy at costco, in a yellow and white circle box that costs around $7.00)  el presidente or something like that.

– pears (i prefer the bartlet pears from costco, they come in a box)

– grapes (looks better with red and green grapes)

– brown sugar

– sugar in the raw (by the brown sugar, comes in a bag.  looks like sugar crystals)

– butter

– chopped pecans (optional)

spray the fruit with pam, then roll it in sugar in the raw.  set fruit carefully on the platter and don’t mess with it much.  otherwise the sugar rubs off.

brie – take it out of the cardboard box, then take it out of the white plastic wrap it’s in.  now you should be holding a wheel of cheese in a white paper-feeling wrap.  the paper wrap is edible but cut the top layer off so you can see the cheese.  leave the sides and bottom on to help hold the cheese’s shape while it cooks.
place the cheese on a cookie sheet with the paper on bottom and the cheese facing up.   bake at 400 degrees for about 18-20min.  you don’t want the cheese hard, but you don’t want it turned into soup either.  you want it very soft without being runny.  you’ll find out what works best for your oven.  i just keep checking it.  if you have large bubbles and it’s running all over the place, you are over done and need to get it out!
i’ve never officially measured the brown sugar and butter, but i’m guessing it’s 1 cube butter and 2 cups brown sugar.  melt butter in saucepan, then stir in brown sugar.  you don’t want any dry sugar, but you don’t want it runny with butter either.  if it’s a thick sugary paste, it’s perfect!

right before the brie is ready to take out of the oven, i pour the sugar over the brie and let it cook in the oven for a bit.  then you carefully transfer it to a platter to serve and place the fruit around it.  sometimes i’ll just put the brie on the platter, then pour the sugar mix over it and call it good.  if you pour it over the brie in the oven, then you have more slop to clean up.  it’s fine both ways.

for presentation purposes, i use an apple slicer and slice several of the pears, place them around the edge of the platter and leave a few pears whole.  it just makes everything look beautiful.  if you want the nuts, just add them to the sugar mix before pouring them over the brie.

voila! martha stewart looking recipe that was very easy to make!  to serve, you can have people put the brie on their plate or just have them dip a slice of pear right into the brie wheel.  soooo dee-lish!


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