Beautiful Creatures

i can’t wait to tell you about this weeks read!   if you’ve talked to me at all since christmas break i’m sure i’ve already told you about beautiful creatures my new favorite book!

big thanks to kami garcia and margaret stohl for writing such a wonderful piece of magic.

this book is from the teen section but i think there are a lot of 6th graders that would dive into the pages and never want to come out! i am sharing this on the manila blog because as a 6th grader i would have loved this book and i know we have some great readers at manila that are the same way.  it’s not for every 6th grader.  if your child devours every book they come across and can handle lots of characters, several different storylines and love mystery and magic they will be ready for this.   it’s darker than the harry potter series but if they blew through those in younger grades i think beautiful creatures would be a good step up.

the book is almost 600 pages but don’t let that scare you (or your kids)     it has such a great story full of mystery and magic that you really wish it was 1200 pages so you could keep reading.   the second book is being edited now. yea!

here is a short description of the story:  “Ethan Wate is struggling to hide his apathy for his high school “in” crowd in small town Gatlin, South Carolina, until he meets the determinedly “out” Lena Duchannes, the girl of his dreams (literally–she has been in his nightmares for months). What follows is a smart, modern fantasy–a tale of star-crossed lovers and a dark, dangerous secret. Beautiful Creatures is a delicious southern Gothic that charms you from the first page, drawing you into a dark world of magic and mystery until you emerge gasping and blinking, wondering what happened to the last few hours (and how many more you’re willing to give up). To tell too much of the plot would spoil the thrill of discovery, and believe me, you will want to uncover the secrets of this richly imagined dark fantasy on your own.”

this book is actually written from the BOYS point of view.  seems most romance books are written from the gushy, mushy girls point of view and the guys wouldn’t enjoy it.   beautiful creatures has a romantic feel to the read but it doesn’t ever cross the line.  it’s a very clean, sweet and innocent read when it comes to the relationship side. they spend more time trying to protect one another from the world around them so the authors don’t spend time on kissing scenes.  the magic and mystery of a small town with it’s gothic history and strange creatures is what you really need to worry about.

it does have dark magic, good vs. evil type haunting storyline that’s a real page turner.    i stayed up until the wee hours of the morning because i HAD to finish it.  i was too scared not too!   i haven’t read a book in a long time that i gave up sleep for! (i really like my sleep) 🙂

so bottom line:  yes, this is a teen book, BUT…..if you have a 6th grader that can handle a big thick book with lots of rich characters, crossing storylines and a bit of scaaaaaary magic, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is the book for them.   it just came out in december so it’s only available in hard cover, but on amazon it’s only 11.00.   gotta love amazon!

happy reading!


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