Just So Ya Know…..

here are a few things i think ya outta know about:

FUNDRAISER: YES! you may turn in your order tomorrow WED JAN. 20th!  our cookie and pizza dough fundraiser ends today, but we will accept the orders tomorrow morning as well.  the cookie dough is so de-lish and they even have valentine cookie kits that are perfect for class parties!   this is our only pta fundraiser this year, so we’d love your support!

the order forms were sent home in monday folders on jan. 4th.  if you need another one, they have some at the school.  thanks to everyone who supports this fundraiser.  it helps pay for so many “magical” programs at manila!

DISNEY GIVE-A-DAY, GET-A-DAYhttp://disneyparks.disney.go.com/disneyparks/en_US/WhatWillYouCelebrate/index?name=Give-A-Day-Get-A-Disney-Day

as most of you know we are celebrating the disney way this year at manila.  it’s been pretty magical so far and when i heard about disney’s give a day, get a day promotion i was all over it!  i’ve been trying to work out a deal since last october on getting every student and family member a free pass to disneyland through a huge voluntEAR day where we all join in the fun together, but unfortunately it can’t be done on a large scale as one group.

it’s still possible for every person to earn a free ticket to disneyland but you are required to sign up your own family and pick your choice of voluntEAR hours.  they have tons of different companies that need volunteers or donated items (food, house hold goods, blankets, etc)   so i’m sure you can all find something that works for your family and age groups.

volunteer hrs average 4hrs of work per person or donate a certain number of items per person.  i love the idea of so many manila families making a difference in the community AND getting rewarded with a free disneyland ticket.

once again, there are lots of charities to help, but here is an example of what the habitat for humanity options are to earn your disney ticket voucher:

All kit items need to be gathered (bought or donated) by volunteers. Please make sure these items are new, and not used.

Move in Kits: collect cleaning supplies, paper towels, tissue paper, detergents, and other house hold items together in kits that will be given to Habitat families who will be moving into their new homes.

Landscape Kits: kits need to contain shovel, rake, garden hose, bag of grass seed, and hand garden tools.

Cupboard kits: 25 cans of non perishable/non expired canned foods per kit

Recycling cans and paper: Once cans and paper have been collected, you will need to drop them off at the Habitat ReStore which is located at 340 South Orem Blvd between Monday and Friday from 9am-5pm.  On the north side of the building there is a large green paper container that has “Green Fiber” printed on it, that is where the paper needs to be dumped.  There is also a small can house, where you can drop the cans.  When you come to drop off the cans and paper, please come into the office to fill out a slip describing what you have recycled, this is how your hours are verified.  Please keep in mind, this volunteer opportunity is for youth 14 and under only.  There are other volunteer opportunities that adults can get involved with to receive their ticket vouchers.

ReStore scavenger hunt: Spread flyers through your own neighborhood to collect any unused building materials, furniture, paint, or appliances.  Bring items to ReStore at 340 South Orem Blvd.  Donations are tax deductable.

i hope everyone knows about this program because it’s a brilliant way to spread happiness around the world!  thanks disney!

HAPPY HELPING!  hope to see you all at DISNEYLAND!!!!!


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