Listen To The Wind (Three Cups of Tea)

with all the devastation we’re seeing in the news lately i figured this would be the perfect book for this week.  “listen to the wind”  by greg mortenson is the true account of one man’s journey to change the world……one child at a time.

there are several versions of this book.  the adult and teen versions are titled “three cups of tea”.  a childrens picture book was released “listen to the wind” and uses fabrics, colors and collages to show one man’s dedication to an entire country of children.

in 1993, dr. greg mortenson was hiking in the mtns of pakistan and got lost.  he came to a small village where the locals helped him recover from his ordeal. while there, he noticed that the students had no building and did all of their schooling out of doors.  (with no school supplies, they wrote in the dirt with sticks) Motivated to repay the kindness he had received, he vowed to return to the village and help build a school. thus began his real life’s journey. mortenson’s story recounts the troubles he faced in the U.S. trying to raise the money and then in Pakistan, trying to get the actual supplies to a remote mountain location.  (carrying supplies in by hand) his eventual success led to another, and yet another, until he established a foundation and built a string of schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

with everything going on in our world today, we are blessed to live in a country with so many comforts.  today is the perfect time to share this story with our students and let them realize one person CAN make a difference……even if you have to climb a mountain or two in the process 😉


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