all HALE the goose girl!

‘the goose girl’ by shannon hale is a must read for every girl out there!   when i read it the first time i’d just finished a fast-paced mystery, so i thought goose girl was a little slow.  i told people it read like a sweet fairytale that you would read to someone after you tucked them into bed at night.  a story that could be told a little at a time but was still very enjoyable.

the second time i read it, i couldn’t put it down!   i was consumed with this fantasy and the characters in it.   the story is completely fast paced if you become the character.  (so channel your inner princesses!)

based on the original brother’s grimm fairytale, it shares the story of a princess and the challenges she goes through rightfully earn her crown.   thrown into a foreign world, her identity stolen from her she is forced to endless days of hard labor, long hours and little comfort.  not an ideal lifestyle for a princess.

there are 4 books in the set that share the story of several different characters in the kingdom.   with book fair around the corner this is one book i think everyone should buy.

moms! this is a great read for you and your daughters.   this story offers up several ‘conversation starters’ on finding out who you are and how to handle adversity.  i love the message of believing in yourself and your strengths.

torn from a castle and treated like a commoner this book has everything a fairytale should have.    rich characters,  sweet romance, devoted friends and ……..talking animals!  (ok, so the animals aren’t like disney talking animals that sing and dance, but the main character can speak with them)

give goose girl a chance and i guarantee you will sneak off to bed early, just so you can read!

shannon hale has written several other books as well.   one of her most famous books at our school is ‘princess academy’

for all you colin firth fans out there that loved pride and prejudice……check out austenland!  just the dedication alone will bring you joy.

back to the goose girl, i’d recommend this book for 4th grade and up.  once mom has read the book she could re-tell the story before bedtime.   death, betrayal, frustration and hard knocks are weaved throughout the pages,  but it’s brothers grimm so don’t you expect that?   shannon has added some depth to the original fairytale which brings joy, laughter and a bit more character development.

if you are looking for a sweet, safe series for your daughter to read……all HALE the goose girl series!


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  1. Shauna
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 09:02:04

    I ♥ Colin Firth, and Austenland was a favorite too.

    The blog is great! Hope you are feeling good about how PTA is going this year! Thanks for all you do!

    🙂 Shauna


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