Manila Arts Festival March 17th 4:00pm-6:30pm (School Fundraiser)


Here are some examples of how our family decorated some soda bottles for the event!   once you get going you can’t stop!  our family just keeps making them, it’s sooo-da fun. (minnie’s dress didn’t fit all the way around the bottle,  so we put her decoration on a 2 liter of DIET COKE! it’s time to watch that figure minnie 🙂

your family can decorate and bring in as many soda bottles as they want!  the more we have the more fun our soda walk will be! so grab your family and start designing!

after seeing so many creative valentine’s boxes at manila, i know we’ll have some amazing soda bottles!

i can’t wait to see how many brilliant ideas “POP” out of our students imagination.  (if you want to see the ideas up, just click on either photo too enlarge)

Parents, next time you’re at the store, grab a few 2 liter sodas. Keep them full and sealed. Then let your kids decorate them however they want. As you can see the skys the limit!  (animals, star wars, teachers, robots, etc) You can decorate and donate as many 2 liters as you like.   if you end up covering up the entire soda bottle, please write the name of the soda somewhere on the bottle, so we can separate them the night of the festival.    we want winners to be able to choose the soda not only based on the decoration but also the soda itself!

Students may bring in soda bottles all week long starting  Monday, March 14th, where they will be stored in the classrooms until the night of the festival.

Soda Pop Walk will go from 4:30 – 5:30. tickets will be .50 each and it plays out like a cake walk/musical chairs.   kids walk around on numbers and when the music stops we call a number.  the person standing on the number called is the winner and gets to  choose a 2 liter to take home and enjoy!

hope to see you there!


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